Being Social About Media

I love AMC Movie Talk.

They talk about movies. What can be more fun? I had the privilege of having my fan question answered on their show. I admit I have been giddy about having my name mentioned in a Youtube video.

I’ve adored movies because they are fun to talk about. Something is fun for me only if I can share it with people I care about. Luckily, many people enjoy film. They are fun to analyze, predict, and develop. It’s my dream to write original story ideas for film. I want to make stories people will enjoy talking about.

It’s hard to be social about things without common interest. My Facebook page gives me an idea of what resonates with certain people. A status update with a joke will receive a few comments from some of my friends. An inspirational message I post can easily get dozens of people to “like” it. It’s difficult to find a universal interest that appeals to all demographics.

The bottom line is we need stuff to talk about. People won’t add you on Facebook, click on your blog, or view your video if you don’t have something to say. What good is a puppet that doesn’t talk?


2 thoughts on “Being Social About Media

  1. Joseph, remember all the movies we went together as a family or just Mom and the boys. Sure miss those times. It was fun talking about them afterwards. Great memories are special.

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