Impulsively Upbeat

All of us have impulses; actions we commit to in an instant. Being diagnosed with a behavioral disorder does not make me an authority on human behavior, but it gives me clarity enough to see patterns in people. Having a mental disorder means one behaves differently from other people. However, everyone’s actions are based on personal motivations.

We all have different impulses. I can’t list all the impulses human beings have, but I can provide a sense of the different ways we react to the world around us.

Expression (Unloading)
Many human beings have a tendency to openly proclaim what is on their collective minds. These reflections can range from the mundane to the all-important issues of existence. So many people divulge their life story to me the moment I give them an opportunity to speak. Silence is golden and I wish they would pay it forward. Some thoughts should stay inside our own heads.

Interaction (Sensory Itch)
Ever wanted to press a button just to see what would happen? Ever told a dumb joke just to hear people giggle? I can’t blame you. We have sight, hearing, and touch for a reason. Our bodies want to mess with the world around us. Human senses yearn to be used. A similar impulse is the urge to perform our talents. Dancers tend to dance. Singers tend to sing. A lot of what we do is simply because we want to play with the toys we’ve been given. It’s human nature to explore the world. You won’t discover what there is to discover without going to see the sights, smell the smells, and taste the tastes for yourself.

Satisfaction (Proving Yourself)
I admit to having gone along with the crowd in the past. I didn’t want to be left out. Most of us are trying to prove we are either superior or equal to each other. I was in an argument with a roommate and he was trying to prove to me I’m not that great. I became defensive and listed off all the bad things he did to prove he was no better than I was. Why do we fight so hard for the opinions of strangers? I suppose we are sometimes motivated by the fear of being seen as a loser.

Nullification (Ain’t No Thang)
A good solution to overcoming our impulses is to do nothing. Doing nothing is not a passive impulse. It is a deliberate and meaningful action. You don’t have to get people back when they tick you off. You don’t have to buy something just because someone else has it. Our impulses usually come from our sense of “unfulfillment” and we try to fix ourselves by giving in to them. I’ve learned to recognize the peace that already exists in my life. I show this by responding to situations with stopping, thinking, and doing what I truly want to do. Many people may look down on my doing nothing. I just smile knowing I have me exactly where I want me.


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