Looking for Signs

The Universe is infinite, isn’t it? We have no reason to believe the Universe ends at some point. On the other hand, how can you prove something goes on forever?

Scientists have to go along with certain assumptions in order to further their observations. One assumption is that every occurrence in nature has a logical explanation behind it. Another assumption is that the laws of nature have always existed as they do now and will continue to do so in all places. These are not unreasonable expectations for the Universe.

We often try to understand people in the same way. We observe their behavior and try to recognize patterns among them. Certain assumptions have arisen due to these observations. I’ll let you decide if these assumptions are helpful or not.

All is One

One assumption is that observing one person will help you understand another person. It seems weird to judge the behavior of a group of people based on the actions of one person within that group. Averages do not give the most accurate idea of how a group behaves, either. However, groups do exist because of commonality.

Dealing with one type of person can better prepare you for dealing with another person of the same type. You might be better at working with people of a particular age group more than another. You may have better luck making friends with one gender more than the other. We would all be in a bind if the skills we gained from working with one type of person couldn’t be carried over into other circumstances.

It may seem unfair to give a group more of an identity than their individuals. I don’t think I am just an American or your typical white single male. I would like to think we are all exceptions to any rule. I want to define myself instead of having my diagnosis determine who I am. However, I have much in common with those diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I am not ashamed to say I belong to this group.

One is All

Another assumption is that people are capable of understanding each other. None of us are mind readers. And we can’t reminisce in someone else’s memories. We can only look at each other’s circumstances and make a guess as to how those circumstances affect other people.

Is it possible to have the exact same experience as another? Two people can have markedly different reactions to the same event. What is fun for one is a bother to another. Can we understand other people’s feelings without experiencing those same feelings for ourselves?

I wish I can say I know how people diagnosed with Asperger’s feel. The truth is I only know how it affects me personally. I choose to believe people can understand each other on a deep level. It is nice to have someone put their arm around you and say, “I know what you are going through. I’m here.”

Signs of Life

There are too many assumptions to list here. These should all be seen as guides for understanding and not to be regarded as the rule. People change with time and new patterns of behavior will come with that.

No one can prove why people do what they do. Sometimes there is no reason. And some things can happen for a multitude of different reasons. You’ll start to see signs the moment you start looking for them. The only thing we can all agree on is that stuff happens and often does.

Proving the “why” of all things doesn’t necessarily give us a better understanding of people. Which do you believe is more important: understanding what causes Asperger syndrome or understanding the person diagnosed with it?


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