Conflicting Feelings

I stepped into the light to find a friend. I asked what they saw in me. They said they saw nothing wrong. They walked on. I stepped into the shade to find an enemy. I asked what they saw in me. They said they saw nothing right. They walked out of sight. I turned to find my shadow. He made no ado. By my side he stayed. O this friend as constant as the Sun!

Telling the difference between the positives and negatives of life seems pretty obvious. That’s because it is. All of us can discern the light from the dark. You can’t describe it. You just know it.

The Antithesis of Antipode

The common consensus says positives are better than negatives. I respectfully disagree. Positives and negatives are two sides of the same coin. You can’t accept one without acknowledging the existence of the other.

Another word for this is pain and relief. Negatives are all the things which bring pain whether it is physical or emotional in nature. Positives are life’s reinforcements. The negatives hurt us and the positives heal us.

You would think a life devoid of pain would be paradise. Let me tell you something. Positive doesn’t necessarily mean good. Negatives are not always bad.

Accentuate the Positive

A man once asked me why I watch the news when it is so depressing. I watch it because I live in reality.

I know so many people who live in a fantasy world. They think everything is wonderful and everyone is super. They’re so cute it makes me sick. I often offend people like this with my views. You can’t suggest the world is not all that great without summoning their wrath.

It’s hard to make friends when you carry so many negatives within you. People want to associate with happy people filled with positives. Who would willingly accept more negatives into their life?

Hurts So Good

Some movies will always make me cry. That scene in the Truman Show where he is pounding against the wall always gets to me. I could fight back the tears, but I don’t want to.

Pain is a pleasant reminder. Death is a precious lullaby. We all have these things in common because they are so common. It is pain that resonates with all. A skilled artist can capture this negativity and put it to words or music. It communicates a deeper understanding than can be achieved with just the happy moments of life.

Sorrow can be sweet. A friend once put her arm around me when my grandmother passed away. This reminded me that life still continues on and that no one has to be alone. An argument with my brother revealed hurt feelings on both sides and that allowed us to move forward. These all came by way of pain. I wouldn’t trade that pain for anything. I will feel as much pain as it takes to remind me I’m still alive.

Light and Shadow

Pain and pleasure both make our lives rich. I do not intend to live my life with only one of these. Who wants to live only half a life?

I will welcome all the bad days yet to be with courage. I will cherish all the good days I make for myself with a knowing smile. How will I do it? I will always hold in remembrance that there are no good days or bad days. There are only days. I’ve never known a day that wasn’t a beautiful day to be alive on.


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