The Chosen One

Many are called, but few are chosen.

Many stories in the past have involved some sort of prophesied hero. This individual is assigned the great task of performing a great feat that benefits a large group of people. Each of us has our own chosen ones.

I was always confused by the term special education. It never made me feel special. I went to those classes hoping someone would see my worth. I wanted someone to think I didn’t belong there. That I belonged with those who were honored the most. Why was I chosen for special education? No one seemed all that excited about me being there in the first place.

Special Child

I always wanted to stand out. I did everything I could to earn some recognition. I thought that maybe if I talked right and behaved right someone would choose me. That I would get what the other kids seemed to have in abundance like a listening ear or a pat on the back.

To be chosen means that someone has to not be chosen. If you choose everything, then you forfeit your ability to choose. As a child, I felt like no one would ever choose me. Always getting picked last to play sports. Never being invited to parties. Every day in the playground spent alone.

Not much has changed since then. The games we play never cease. I still fight to prove myself to others. People still choose those they feel are most deserving. There’s nothing special about this game. We all play it.


Your eyes can only focus on one thing at a time. Everything else becomes blurry. It’s exactly how a camera lens works. Something has to be focused on. Something has to blur.

At any one point in your life there is a focus. It could be your career, your family, your friends, etc. It’s hard to juggle so many things at once. If you try to focus on all of them at once, then your vision will not turn out clear. You have to choose what your main focus is.

It’s possible to focus on many things at once if you can schedule things right. Our heads were designed to face many different directions, after all. Decide for yourself what things in your life need to be focused on most at a given time. And keep in mind what may lie just out of focus.


Just because you are looking at something doesn’t mean you are paying attention to it. Seeing the Mona Lisa is not the same as noticing what makes it special.

Only one thought can occupy our minds at a time. When watching a movie we give our full attention to the screen and not the seat we are sitting in. Shifting our attention to meet the needs of the many lessens our appreciation of the few.

You haven’t really chosen a book if you do not intend to read it carefully. You haven’t chosen a song if you do not intend to listen intently. How do you know if you have chosen someone? In what way should you give them proper attention?

Time and Place

Making the best choice isn’t easy. It should be done under the best possible circumstances. No muss. No mess.

Time is an ingredient for greatness. What idea the moment it pops into the mind is perfectly polished? The best decisions deserve consideration over a considerable amount of time. Making hasty decisions makes us choose things for the sake of time. The fastest choice is not always the best one.

Every person or object has a place that brings out the best in them. You shouldn’t judge a painter’s ability by his moves on the dance floor. Making the best choice about someone involves seeing them in their element. The right location will allow someone to shine the way they always have. Put me in front of a podium with a large group of people and I am good to go.

Being Choice

A Youtube channel I like chose two of my fan questions to answer on their show during their first few weeks of airing. I wrote in the comments how I thought there must not be very many people sending in questions if mine get picked this often. They wrote back, “Many people have been sending in questions but we have really liked the topics you bring up!” You don’t realize how good this makes me feel.

I remember all the moments where I felt I had been chosen. I shed a tear when I received my first full-time job. I was speechless when my best friend told me she sees me as a best friend too. All these moments came not because I did something special but because someone believed in me.

We don’t get chosen because we are special. We are made special because someone has chosen us. My friends spend their precious time with me. They often choose my company over many others. I don’t know if I deserve this privilege. But, oh boy, do I need it.


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