Birds of a Feather

I used to get bullied a lot in grade school. It wasn’t because I was causing trouble. I was just easy pickings.

My parents always described it to me as being part of a pecking order. The other chickens will find the chick that is kind of weak and peck it to death. I never did like being compared to poultry.

I remember that after I was beat up the members of the surrounding crowd would eventually come over to ask if I was alright. It upset me that they would only speak up after the conflict ended. What use is an ally in times of peace?

Strength in Numbers

I wouldn’t have gotten bullied if I was part of a group. Most bullies will back off if you’re a member of the football team. And if everyone agrees you’re the popular kid, then no one will risk losing street cred by messing with you.

Whom we associate with becomes part of who we are. The more loyal a person is to us, the more our lives are enriched. My friends have helped me out so much in my adult life. They share their time, their talents, and their knowledge with me. I try to benefit them as much as I can in return.

No Greater Love

The role of wingman is not glamorous. It often goes unnoticed and unrewarded. To selflessly put someone else’s happiness before our own shows the highest form of loyalty.

Those diagnosed with behavioral disorders need a wingman. They need someone to make them look good in front of the crowd. Someone needs to get up on the podium for the sake of those who don’t have a voice. How many of us can say we have one of those?

I have set more relationships up for others than I have for myself. I would rather brag about my friends to other people than talk about myself. I can spend time doing things like this because my friends get me back. We fly together.


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