Epic Fail

Awkward! Or so I was told.

Many jobs are created due to the shortcomings of other people. I got paid good money to clean up after messy college students at a community college. Movie critics make a living from pointing out flaws in films. They would be out of business if every movie was made perfectly. And many psychologists work with those struggling with behavioral disorders. Autism provides them plenty of clients.

Failure is not unique to those diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I wouldn’t say I struggle more than others. I just struggle with my own unique circumstances.

Failure is the Reality

No one goes through life without a few bumps and bruises. It doesn’t make sense to get upset every time something goes wrong. Murphy’s Law dictates that it will. Why rage against the inevitable?

Failure reminds us that we have limitations. Could you imagine how society would behave if people always got what they want? The existence of failure makes it so that when things go well for us we enjoy it so much more.

We should all get comfortable with failure. Who speaks more wisdom, the man who never made a mistake or the man who learns from his shortcomings?

Failure is an Option

A college student like me has to make some tough decisions. I could attend a friend’s birthday party or finish my project due that night. Decisions, decisions.

Many people will stick with a particular course of action even when things start to look grim. It’s tough to face the fact that your efforts may have been for nothing. The fear of failure can keep people from letting go and moving on with life.

We always have a choice. It is perfectly acceptable to turn down a popular path to pursue one that is more self-fulfilling. I don’t define success as choosing the “right” path. My victory is assured when I decide to never stop moving.

Failure is an Opportunity

The happiest moments of my life came because something would go wrong. I had a migraine that lasted for two months straight that kept me from attending college for a while. I had to repeat a few classes because of bad grades and that allowed me to meet a wonderful woman who is now my best friend. If events unfolded as I originally designed them to go, then I would not have been able to meet the people I needed to meet.

Life is about discovering what matters most to us. We won’t know what the best things are if things only go according to a set plan. Exploration is meaningless if there are no surprises to find. No one can plan for surprise.

You might feel you need to minimize risk in your life to get the desired results. Taking the safe bet every time yields fewer rewards. Personally, I like to take chances on things that are worth losing everything for.


One thought on “Epic Fail

  1. One of my heroes, Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of electronic television once said: The difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer.” Farnsworth, like Thomas Edison, failed many times with their inventions before they got it right. Yes, the I possible does take a little longer, but the rewards are worth it!

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