Correct Me If I Am Wrong

Once again, it is not pronounced “Asburger.”

I am grateful for Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger and his work in identifying the symptoms of Asperger syndrome. I am, however, a little frustrated that the syndrome was named after him. Nobody pronounces it right! And it’s funny sounding. Seriously, people with unusual last names should not go discovering things. Could you imagine what would happen if a guy named Butts became a chemist?

The sad truth is I have a condition with a funny name. It’s hard enough just explaining the symptoms to people. Why couldn’t it have been called something cool? A woman I know prefers to refer to Asperger syndrome as AS. I’m against this because it sounds funny to say I have a bad case of AS.

And so I will bear this weird sounding title for as long as I live. It can get tedious trying to correct people in the pronunciation of Asperger’s, but I can’t stop now. I was given this diagnosis in the hopes of having my behavior modified and improved. It is only fair that other people improve their pronunciation of my diagnosis.

No one can exceed the need for correction. All should strive to try a little harder. Improvement starts by recognizing there is a right way and wrong way to do everything. To see the need for correction requires an outside source. How would we learn the right path to take if not from someone already walking the path?

Setting the record straight on those diagnosed with behavioral disorders is one of the reasons I continue to write about it. Some battles don’t need to be fought, but this struggle needs to be won. Correcting my own behavior is part of my progression, but I need other people to understand where I am coming from as well. My efforts to be more social are meaningless unless there is a social life for me to inherit. Those who are not diagnosed with Asperger syndrome still need to learn how to live with it. They can start by pronouncing Asperger’s correctly.


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