Target in Sight

Apparently you can get diagnosed for Asperger syndrome without even trying.

A recent article in USA Today reveals a study was commissioned by the Pentagon where it theorized Vladimir Putin has Asperger syndrome. The study began in 2008 and concluded in 2011.

The study tries to monitor the facial expressions of Putin and remarks on his reactions to people in social settings. One of the writers of the report states “the Russian President carries a neurological abnormality.”

Attempts to correctly diagnose people with Asperger syndrome from a distance are futile. Claiming someone has Asperger syndrome just because someone observes them to “act like it” is nothing more than a witch hunt.

Since when is Asperger syndrome a bad thing? Of what significance does this diagnosis have for the Pentagon?

Not very many people know about this condition. Many people fear the worst when they hear it mentioned.

Due to the vague description concerning Asperger syndrome, the general public look at it with suspicion and derision. Anyone who is labeled with it is automatically seen as weaker and less capable.

The day may come when people are accused of having Asperger syndrome simply because people need a new label to judge with. Celebrities and officials will be mocked with it every time they make a mistake or an unpopular decision.

The world has yet to see Asperger syndrome reach wide spread discussion. May it never be used as a means to attack those in power.


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