The Games We Play

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The only thing that feels natural is a video game controller in my hands. Few things get me more excited than when a new video game I’m looking forward to is about to be released. My happiest memories are of moments playing my favorite games. I wish the rest of the world could understand my joy.

Video games are not as widely accepted as movies or music. It hurts when I hear people speak ill of video games. It’s easy for people to look down on something when there are few people to defend it. Everyone should participate more in gaming. It’s a great form of entertainment.

Visual media like television requires you to stay put. You sit down and wait while the presentation is in progress. And audio entertainment involves simply listening. The reason I like video games is because it is interactive entertainment. You have to play the games to get the full effect. Compare this to another form of interactive entertainment like sports wherein you have to be active to enjoy it. Video games are simply an electronic form where instead of exerting your whole body you input commands using buttons. They are basically toys.

Playing with toys is part of our development. As children we had fun learning how things worked and made games out of anything in our reach. Children put fewer limits into what can count as entertainment. I feel video games can assist those who struggle with Asperger syndrome. Video games helped me with decision making, problem solving, and even reading. It gave me a common interest with other people and helped form friendships. It gave me something to do when there was no one else to interact with.

Some believe video games to be a waste of time. I will confess they are. And thank goodness for it. Entertainment is about spending our time solely for the sake of enjoyment. I could choose to waste my time filling out crossword puzzles or I could waste my time collecting bugs. There are infinite activities I could possibly be engaged in. I choose to play video games in my downtime.

I often hear the claim that gaming has a negative effect on society. This line of thinking shows a lack of perspective. Every form of entertainment has their version of trash. Not every movie is of high quality. Not every song is good. Video games have examples of trash as well as art. Most games are just harmless fun. It makes no sense to demonize an entire medium just because of a few bad examples.

I implore everyone to try gaming out. There is so much it has to offer. I won’t suggest any particular game. Go out and find what interests you. Find people you know who can introduce some good games to you. My hope is you will discover some memorable moments like I have. There are worlds out there needing to be explored.


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