Environmentally Friendly

The environment we find ourselves in can have an influence on us, but the opposite is also true. Stay in any one place for long enough and you will eventually change the surroundings to fit your tastes. It is human nature to alter the outside world to reflect an inner world.

My room is devoid of personal objects. I never buy knickknacks to put on any of my horizontal surfaces. My vertical surfaces are barren without any sign of painting or poster. No feng shui to be discovered here.

Having stuff does not invigorate the soul of he who sees the surrounding world as just a random assemblage of atoms. From one perspective it is nice to not be burdened by material things. How many toys does one man have to own? Lots of people should sell off the possessions they know they will never use again. On the other hand, a full stomach is happier than an empty one.

I’ve seen many people have their lives uplifted by common everyday objects. Some people place plants in their home because they love having living things in their living space. A fan of a particular movie or television show may decorate their house with all related paraphernalia such as action figures, T-shirts, or keychains. A college graduate might want to fill their dwelling with materials relating to their field like books and . . . more books.

It’s good to think of the world as a canvas needing to be filled. The passions we have inside of us deserve to be expressed outwardly. A little bit of interior decorating can be a wonderful creative outlet. We can also learn much about a person by looking at how they affect the world around them. A fun personality type makes their surrounding environment fun.

Enliven the world around you. Make a statement with your clothes and hairstyle. Turn your room or office into a shrine filled with all the things you love. Be a catalyst for beauty in the space around you. If you don’t, then you are just decoration in someone else’s space.


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