Storm of Brains

I have a great idea.

Finding work with a degree in Communications comes with hurdles. How do you measure if someone is good at Communications? The only jobs in the area I live in that require that kind of background are not in the industry I hope to go into. The writing jobs I want to work in require more experience than I currently have. I feel there are no opportunities to show off my true talents.

My skills in Communications are obvious to those who spend any amount of time with me. I can express myself well in spoken and written word. I can be appealing and presentable. My voice receives compliments for its sound and sincerity. I can break down ideas to be more understandable. I’m also good at listing things. However, the talent I want to utilize the most is very difficult to showcase.

I am an idea man. By this I do not mean I always come up with the best ideas or my ideas will always be lucrative. What I mean is while another person comes up with one idea I will come up with all of them. My brain is nonstop thinking about ideas. The ideas range from the mundane to any given field of understanding one can comprehend. I can play with an idea for a long amount of time and build on it till it is too beautiful not to share. I can connect seemingly disparate ideas together to reveal some form of harmony between them. Ideas are my jam.

As a child I always tried to be original in school. My projects were ambitious and I didn’t want them to be like the other kids’ projects. I wanted to come up with ideas no one else could have. I dreamed big and wanted my work to reflect that. However, art is open to interpretation. One man’s art is another man’s junk.

Not everyone appreciates idea making. The businesses I apply for never have a department set aside for coming up with ideas. Do they think ideas just grow on trees? The brainstorming process should never be rushed or left to people who don’t know how to respect ideas. If a business doesn’t assign a specific person or group to be responsible for the creative decisions, then all they can do is hope great ideas randomly pop up from within the business.

Ideas can be dangerous things. Many organizations don’t bother to deal with them and instead stick to an existing routine so they don’t have to come up with any ideas that could potentially put their organization at risk. I say ideas are at least worth listening to. If an idea is not too much of a risk and your group has the ability to put it to the test, then why fear the change an idea can potentially bring?

Every good thing in this world exists because someone had an idea and put it into action. Wonder is never by accident. My hope is that I will find a home for my ideas. But that’s just me thinking out loud.


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