Sorry in Advance

I have a lot of apologies to make. Especially in the future. That’s where the majority of my mistakes or going to be made.

Apologies are part of the human experience. Feelings get hurt and they need to be mended. The nature of our relationship with a person is affected when they make us sad or angry. An apology can correct a lot of wrong when a person shows they are willing to admit fault for their actions or carelessness. Feeling bad about what we did helps others to feel better.

Why do so many people insist on never apologizing? They seek justification for their actions rather than forgiveness. It is impossible to go through life without causing some damage to our surroundings. People are going to get hurt by us. To not care about how our actions affect others is allowing the pain to go in just one direction. The only way to lift someone’s burden is to carry some of the weight.

I hate how the word sorry is abused so frequently. People treat it like a magic word you are supposed to say when you get caught that shuts people up when they are upset. I once got hurt on a playground at school because of another kid’s carelessness. He said sorry over and over again like a mantra. He was hoping I wouldn’t tell the teachers on him. He cared more about not getting into trouble than he did the fact I was bleeding.

I strive to be forgiving of all people, but that doesn’t mean I accept every apology offered to me. Forgiveness doesn’t mean I have to ignore the fact that people are capable of hurting me. An apology is meant to regain trust. I can’t trust those whom I feel are going to make the same mistakes over and over again. Are we truly sorry if we continue to hurt others? Apologies are meaningless if there is no change in behavior and no desire to make restitution.

Not everyone accepts my apologies. They would prefer to stay mad at me than forgive. Sometimes people say they accept my apology but they still hold onto my mistakes as evidence against me. In these cases, the feelings are not mended. Not much you can do at that point. One sincere apology can be all it takes to keep a relationship alive. It is a shame not everyone is willing to take away the pain.


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