Loyal to a Fault

I give up. Just a little bit.

My personality doesn’t allow me to let things go easily. I want to win. Watching people or opportunities slip away feels bad and I work hard to keep that from reoccurring. I’m not the type of person to quit what he starts. However, with age comes experience. I’ve learned that holding on is not always the best strategy.

No rule exists saying I have to finish everything I start. But how much time should I give something before giving up? I flip though the radio channels in my car and if I am not impressed with the music I hear within the first few seconds of listening I will then turn off the radio. I flip through the channels on my television and if the TV shows don’t hook me in within the first few seconds of watching I then turn off the television. Same thing goes for looking at videos on YouTube or reading newspaper articles. If I let every piece of media grab and hold my attention, then there won’t be any time left for myself.

People deserve to be treated with more respect than a piece of media. I wouldn’t drop all contact with a person just because I became bored with them. And I wouldn’t stop being a friend to someone just because they annoyed me. A bond with me is not easily broken. No matter the difficulty, I persevere. So when is the best time to stop being a friend to someone?

I have been in social situations I should have walked away from. Not everything works out and I failed to see the signs of failure. Someone like me who is desperate for connection will often overlook the fact some of his friends are not really friends at all. Hope kept me from leaving. Truth set me free.

Loyalty is only valuable to those who give it. I have been a good friend to many only to receive neglect and scorn in return. True friends are those who remain loyal to each other. If someone does not value the loyalty I give them, then there is not much I can do at that point. I have to let some people go now and then. But I won’t give up on the future. I am loyal to the friends I have yet to meet.


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