The Problem with Ethics

Speaking about this is the right thing. I think.

You can’t have a blog discussing human behavior without giving your thoughts on ethics. Ethics motivate us to behave better and to consider the effect we have on others. Without ethics we would be concerned solely with our own welfare with no thought to the consequences of our actions. In other words, I do not seek to simply be functional in society but to also contribute to it in a positive way.

Defining right and wrong is difficult. Everyone has their own preferences and levels of tolerance. Still, it’s important to decide for ourselves what counts as good judgment. I will offer at least some of my ideas on how to measure goodwill.

In an ideal world everything would be fair. No one would lose to another. However, the world isn’t fair. Some lose and others win. To let others win we must first lose something. That’s the nature of winning. Choosing one path means we lose the opportunity to walk the other. You can’t choose to be a winner and a loser. You can’t sacrifice and gain what you lost at the same time. There is no choice without consequence.

Some of the consequences we trigger cause others to lose. We rob them a win. You can call this hurt or pain. Fairness demands this imbalance be corrected. Balance is restored when the win and the loss are switched. There are two ways I can think of to restore balance. You can either forgive the person who made you lose something or you can demand that they lose something. Either way, someone has to come off as either a winner or a loser if there is to be peace.

This definition should suffice. All I am trying to say is being the better man is not easy. I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer because of me, but I also want to earn my fair share in life. Is it wrong to want to win? Still, I worry about how other people are doing. There are people who can’t win without my help. What must I sacrifice to lift others up?

Think about what makes something good in your eyes. Try to incorporate as many viewpoints as you can. Ethics mean nothing if they don’t apply to everyone. It’s fair that way.


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