Every Conversation Ever

Hello. How was your weekend?

We owe it to each other not to be boring. Our behavior becomes uninteresting when our actions lose variety and purpose. I see this apparent in the daily conversations I have with people. We keep hitting the same notes.

Here is what conversations with me tend to sound like lately:

Me: I generally acknowledge your presence.

You: I acknowledge your acknowledgment and am ready to begin conversation.

Me: List for me all relevant items regarding your well-being.

You: My family, friends, and work are all fine. How about you?

Me: Nothing of note at this time.

You: I’m enthusiastic about this one specific thing that is in the news.

Me: I’ve heard of this same thing. I have opinions on that.

You: Yeah, I’m pretty enthusiastic myself.

Me: But what about this other thing I found out about on the Internet?

You: Is this the thing that everyone is talking about?

Me: Yes.

You: I don’t have an opinion on that.

Me: (pause)

You: I might possibly have other things to do right now. Coincidentally, this is a good place to end the conversation.

Me: You can leave after I list a few more things I am enthusiastic about.

You: I’m listening.

Me: Movies.

You: Uh-huh.

Me: Video games.

You: Right.

Me: Music.

You: Sure.

Me: I’m now ready to leave this conversation.

You: I acknowledge I might see you at some future point.

Me: I’m not wholly opposed to that. We should have another conversation at that time.

Pretty much every conversation I have nowadays ends up following this format. Sure, people provide a little variety with their own unique personalities, but what is accomplished is basically the same. We meet each other, we say whatever is on our minds, and then we leave as politely as possible. Have we truly created anything worthwhile with this?

I recognize the majority of people I engage with are not close to me on a personal level. However, that doesn’t mean my conversations with them have to be basic and safe. I want my words to have purpose. I seek to educate people with my ideas. I wish to change their minds on certain subjects. I hope to motivate people to live out their full potential in different areas. Words can be more than just hot air escaping the body.

This was fun. We should talk again soon.




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