All That Ends Well

I saw a movie the other day.

All movies have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is all about setting up the story, introducing the important elements, and establishing the tone. The middle is where you have all the twists, the setbacks, and the close calls. Finally, the ending answers all the hanging questions, cures the conflict, and brings everything home.

The movie I saw made me think about the times when we are introduced to new people. Most of the time I meet people who are in the middle of their story. They are already going through conflict, struggles, and uncertainty. From their point of view I am seen as either a new asset or another setback. I’m just a supporting character in their story.

My reaction to the world is much different from other people. I feel like I am always at the beginning of a story. Everyone I meet is new to me even if I have known them for a while. I’m always curious about how things may turn out. It makes it so I don’t pass judgement on anyone because I feel like there is way more to the story.

It would be nice to meet someone who sees me as the end to their story. Like I am the resolution they were looking for. The answer to all their questions. The happily ever after.


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