Our World

The world belongs to those who make it what it is.

Not all of us are ambitious. Instead of changing the world most of us are happy just to find an equilibrium with it. We take the opportunities given to us and try to not cause too much trouble to the system in place.

I’ve spent much of my life going with the program. I do what I am expected to do. Go to school, get a job, and give back to society. One thing I have learned from experience is that the program doesn’t care about me as an individual. I’m just another face in the crowd. A random number on someone else’s list.

The world is not interested in me being a great man. It is perfectly fine with no one being great. I have to pursue greatness on my own terms. The world can’t offer me the best opportunities because it doesn’t know how to recognize my unique potential.

Potential is unlocked by trying. Even if I had the best ideas in the world it doesn’t add up to much if they remain stuck in my head. Potential that is untapped has no value. Ideas need to be shared to have value. Words need to be spoken. Time needs to be spent.

Other people are trying at the same time as I am. Opportunities are not infinite so I find myself competing with others to get my ideas and words out in front. I’ve had to interrupt people, challenge existing ideas, and speak without being asked to. No one is going to ask me to change the program. It is a work I take upon myself.

Great men become so because they do more than what is expected of them. History remembers those who made a difference and not those who refused to contribute. The world gave me the opportunity to live. I want to make the world better by living well in it.


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